Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave!

Check us out as the featured band at the end of this week’s episode of “Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave”, starring Bryan Johnson and Walter Flanagan of AMC’s Comic Book Men and TruTV’s Impractical Joker Brian “Q” Quinn.

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It’s Been… a While

We haven’t updated the site in a while, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. In fact, it means we HAVE been busy. Aside from the band, we’ve all had full schedules of work and life. I think our singer even got married since we last posted…

Anyway! During our communication blackout…er…um…”lack”-out…we’ve been working on how to go about recording our next album.

Our first record, “Two Years Later” was recorded locally in a studio where we recorded Drums, Bass and scratch tracks on 2″ tape, then immediately tracked it in to pro-tools and we went all digital from there. We didn’t know what we were doing and it cost us a lot of money.

The next release, “BigFat EP”, was recorded all analog in Nashville in one and a half weekends. It was a lot of fun and much easier for us to make…aside from aligning schedules and driving to Nashville.

For our next attempt, we’re experimenting with recording at home. We’ve been recording a song as a trial run and it’s not turning out to be horrible. So that’s a start.

We’ll keep you posted and in the meantime… come see us play this summer!

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New Shirts Are In And Our Calendar Is Filling up!

It’s been a busy time for us in Willard! Aside from booking a ton of new shows and writing new songs, we also ordered some new stickers and t-shirts featuring artwork from our drummer Gub Pedrotti!

If you like the cover of our Bigfat EP, then you’ll want to pick up this shirt (available in either grey or blue) and some stickers at any of our upcoming shows! We also accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover) at our merch table! So don’t worry about making an extra trip to the ATM.

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RAGNAROK!!! And birds … what?

Sorry for the lack of updates on the website, but we’ve been super busy writing/practicing new music for our upcoming album!!

We’d like to thank everyone who made it out to our last few shows and hope those of you at Stubbie’s on Saturday enjoyed our new song, “Ragnarok!”

If you missed the show, here’s some video of the new song thanks to Gem City Diamonds:

PS – We just ordered some new t-shirts, so make sure you come see us on the 21st at One Eyed Jack’s w/Todd The Fox so you can get yours! We’ll post a pic of them soon! Supplies are limited and they will go fast!  This one is for the birds!

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Opening for Taddy Porter in Covington, KY!

We just booked a show opening for Taddy Porter at the Madison Theater in Covington, Kentucky on Tuesday, February 28th! Tickets are $10 and it’s an ALL AGES SHOW!

If you need tickets, you can e-mail us at or message us on Facebook

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Free Show with Todd The Fox TONIGHT at One Eyed Jacks

I think the title says everything, but if it doesn’t….

We’re playing a FREE SHOW TONIGHT with Todd The Fox! The show will be at One Eyed Jacks (2638 Colonel Glenn Hwy in Fairborn) starting around 9 or 10.

And did we mention that tonight is also Ladies’ Night? ‘Cause it is!

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Two Brits, Three Hoosiers and Five Willards Walk In To A Bar…

Saturday, October 8th will be a very special night at Oregon Express when we share the stage with Indianapolis-based Hero Jr. and two solo acoustic acts from the UK!!

Mark Morgan and Lora Kirk (from the UK label Telescopic Baby) will open the night with some acoustic sets around 9:30pm.

Then Hero Jr. will rock your faces leaving just enough for Orange Willard to melt away!

Attend the Facebook Event!

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Best Local Rock Band in Dayton?

We just found out we’re included in a poll for the Best Local Rock Band on!

Voting ends on October 3rd!

And don’t forget our show at Oregon Express a week from Saturday!

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For those of you who missed our last minute show on Saturday…

We have another one tomorrow night!!

We’re playing with our good friend Todd The Fox at One Eyed Jack’s in Fairborn on Thursday, September 15!

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Van for Sale!!

You have the album…
You have the EP…
You have the T-Shirt…
Now you can own THE VAN!!!

Hit us up on Facebook if you’re interested in a ’94 Chevy Extended Astro Cargo Van!  Runs exceptionally well and is PERFECT for bands!

We fit ALL equipment and merchandise  with room for driver and one passenger!

Let me break that down for you:

  • Five-piece drum kit
  • TWO AC30 amp heads (in road cases)
  • TWO 2×12 guitar cabs
  • 4×10 bass cab
  • SIX guitars
  • TWO bass guitars
  • TWO pedal boards (in road cases)
  • TWO toolboxes
  • Collapsible table
  • 3-drawer storage bin of t-shirts
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